A healthier and fresher lifestyle starts here
Our diverse range of fruit juices and healthier alternatives have been formulated, tweaked and tested to provide the perfect solution for every individual regardless of your health needs and preferences.
100% natural,
100% Sugar free
Sparkly is SUGAR FREE, 100% NATURAL soft drink.
Full of flavour, without being full of sugar!
Drink better, feel better.

Sam's Drink
Quench your thirst the healthy way
At Sam’s, we believe in being original, keeping things simple and making the tastiest drinks on Earth. Our snacks in a bottle, Vitamin Juices and low-sugar lemonades are the perfect, healthier alternative to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings.

We combine fun and nutrition
We believe in using fun to inspire healthier children, packaging our products to appeal directly to our consumers. Topped with their favourite characters, we not only encourage kids to live healthier lives but to have fun with every sip.

Farmers Organic Juices
No added sugar
Our premium fruit juices are Australian-made and Organic Food Chain certified. Farmers Organic Juices allow Australians to enjoy the delicious taste of regular fruit juice while knowing they are making the best choice for their health and the environment.

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